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R.I.P Heroic Blackhand

by Grievur, 2640 days ago

Great job killing Heroic Blackhand the first week we attempted it as a guild! Moving on to Mythic in the upcoming weeks! We are now at 10/10N 10/10HHeroic Blackhand

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Blast Furnace Down!

by Eolian86, 2651 days ago

Congrats Virtually Impossible! We now stand at 9/10 Heroic!

Stayed tuned for mythics to start soon! We need a few more dps spots to be filled before we move into harder content. If you are interested in applying and to start killing dragons and getting phat lewts, please check out our recruitment forums for more info and contact a leader in game!

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Blackhand DOWN!

by Eolian86, 2659 days ago


Congrats everyone! After a long week of wipes we finally killed normal Blackhand! Our core is stronger then ever and we are moving forward in progression faster and faster. Recruitment is going well and our newest raiders are fitting in perfectly. A huge thank you goes out to our leaders, we wouldnt be where we are now without your know-how, dedication and tenacity!
Up next, heroic Blackhand and then on to mythics! Weve got a few months left until the next content, lets end Blackrock Foundry with a BANG!

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